Artist Bio

Sarah Ciampa is a visual artist based in Eugene, Oregon, specializing in classical realist oil painting and still life work.

Sarah hails from Maryland and Pennsylvania originally but has lived in Eugene for over a decade. She was acclimated to art at a young age through her love of drawing, her mother’s ceramics studio, and attending a magnet arts school in Philadelphia, PA.

In 2006 Sarah graduated magna cum laude from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Fine Arts, focusing on drawing, painting, and sculptural ceramics. She also attended Lane Community College and studied with Ellen Tykeson, Satoko Motouji, Kathleen Caprario, & Adam Grosowsky.

Lane Community College is where she was introduced to oil painting and this is the medium she has been working in for the last 14 years. She works from life and many of the classical realist techniques she uses—some dating back to the Renaissance—were learned after she graduated college through self guided study and investigation.

Her first solo gallery show was at the Fenario Gallery in Eugene, OR, in 2008. Since then she has participated in a variety of juried shows in the region and around the country, usually several per year, and had the distinction of winning the Mayor’s Award at the 2012 Mayor’s Art Show in Eugene, OR.

Sarah lives happily with her husband and their 12 healthy house plants in Eugene, Oregon. They have recently moved to a property closer to nature and this will no doubt inform more of her work. She has a variety of interests, but her all-consuming love is for painting, which she does regularly.