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This GIF is a demonstration of the process I used to create the painting "Wood, Nautilus & Rubber Band Ball."

For this particular project I used Ken Davies' method of painting from his book "Sharp-Focus Still Lifes" which includes a drawing, a wash-in layer, a block-in layer, and detail layers. I also employed the sight-size method.

The painting was executed on a primed wooden panel in 2016 and the dimensions are 20X16 inches.

I was extremely inspired by the shapes of the various natural and man-made objects interacting in this set up and by their cool and warm tones. I took the painterly liberty of enhancing the blue tint in the wall to exaggerate the contrasting colors and to add to the feeling of the final painting.

The Making of "Wood, Nautilus, & Rubber Band Ball"
The Making of "Wood, Nautilus, & Rubber Band Ball"