Artist Bio

When Sarah Ciampa was 5 years old she wanted to be a lion tamer. But eventually her career interests shifted and she is now a visual artist based in the Great Northwest of America, in Eugene, Oregon.

Her first love was drawing. It was her fun, her play, her outlet, her solace. She grew up with access to her mother’s ceramic studio which also acclimated her to sculpting at an early age. Sarah hails from Maryland and Pennsylvania originally.

In 2006 Sarah graduated magna cum laude and earned her B.A. majoring in Fine Arts with a focus on drawing, painting, and sculptural ceramics from the University of Oregon after earning an associates degree from Lane Community College. Though she grew up sculpting and drawing, she became passionately enthralled with oil painting while attending community college and this is the medium she currently works in. Many of the current techniques she works with were learned through self-guided study after finishing school.

Her first solo gallery show was at the Fenario Gallery in Eugene, OR, in 2008. Since then she has participated in many shows around the country and had the distinction of winning the Mayor’s Award at the 2012 Mayor’s Art Show in Eugene, OR. She is currently represented by the Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle, WA, and she loves visiting Seattle and the surrounding wilderness areas.

Sarah lives happily with her husband and their 12 healthy house plants in Eugene, Oregon. She has a variety of interests, but her all-consuming love is for painting, which she does regularly. She is currently working in a highly rendered, classically realistic style to produce thought provoking still life paintings from live observation.